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San Diego Trauma Recovery Counseling

Even if two or more people have lived through the same traumatic experience, this will have a different effect on each of them. Others may openly show signs of trauma; some might hide their suffering with seemingly normal behavior, while others might resort to various coping mechanisms, healthy or not.

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However, regardless of how your trauma manifests in your life, you need proper support and guidance to heal and move forward. Consider talking to a trusted friend/family and, for better results, schedule a San Diego trauma recovery counseling session with New Horizon Counseling Center.

We understand how hard it is to fight with your mind as you struggle to get rid of all the negative thoughts and emotions brought by a traumatic memory. That is why with great expertise, compassion, and understanding, we will help in your recovery process without any judgment, unnecessary pressure, and the erroneous counseling method that makes you relive your trauma and worsen its effect.

Intangible wounds heal better in their own time, so we aren’t here to force your recovery process. Instead, we will focus on helping you manage your emotions and allow you to develop healthy coping mechanisms until you can fully thrive again. This way, you won’t succumb to negative behavioral patterns with lifelong negative effects.

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How Can You Recover From Trauma?

If a person lacks the necessary guidance and support after a traumatic experience, there is a great chance that they will develop negative emotional, psychological, and behavioral patterns. This could potentially damage some or all areas in their lives, such as their careers and relationships.

San Diego Trauma Recovery Counseling Counseling cnSome people suffering from trauma may suppress their feelings, acting passive or denying in-depth discussion of what happened. Others may also opt for drastic coping mechanisms, becoming alcoholic, drug-dependent, and even violent.

Based on what you experienced and how you currently deal with your trauma, we can offer you San Diego trauma recovery counseling sessions that incorporate one or more of the following:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

If one goes through trauma, that person tends to develop negative thoughts and emotions associated with the traumatic incident. For example, car crash survivors may be afraid to get into any vehicle again.

However the trauma specifically affected your mind and emotions, trauma-focused CBT aims to identify your negative beliefs and assumptions in order to rebuild them into more positive ones through “cognitive restructuring.” This can help you develop a different perspective on why the incident happened and address your problematic coping mechanisms, which may include thought suppression, constant pessimism, and purposely welcoming threats.

CBT is typically conducted by putting you in a safe and supportive environment where your traumatic thoughts and fears will be addressed and challenged. Our counselors are trained, so we know how to do this without further worsening your trauma.


A lot of people suffering from trauma will purposely avoid any situation that can trigger their traumatic memories and negative emotions. Unfortunately, doing this can only prevent or drag out your recovery since you can never really overcome your fears by not facing them.

With exposure, a technique often used as part of CBT, our expert therapist can guide you on how to manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions when your traumatic memories got triggered. However, we would never force you into scenarios where you get overwhelmed and risk magnifying your trauma. In most cases, exposure is done by letting you imagine yourself in situations where your fears are realized.

By getting familiar with how to cope when your fear is awakened, you can develop better behavioral, emotional, and psychological patterns which bring you closer to trauma recovery.

Imagery re-scripting

Imagery rescripting is another trauma recovery method that’s used with CBT. With the guidance of one of our counselors, this will allow you to treat your traumatic memories as no more than a part of your past. We will guide you in using creative imagery so you can associate your memories with more positive thoughts and emotions, making them significantly less stressful.

Know that imagery rescripting is not altering your reality. This will merely train your mind to connect your mental and emotional burden into a more positive image, lessening your stress and letting you overcome your trauma over time.

Trauma Counseling For Teens

While a traumatic event can happen at any age, the growing teen brain faces unique challenges when attempting to deal with trauma. Our dedicated teen counselors at New Horizon Counseling Center are experienced in helping teens adapt and grow beyond the trauma they’ve experienced.

San Diego Trauma Recovery Counseling 8We offer concrete tools to help teens identify the emotions and responses they are experiencing and skills to help them redirect those responses in a healthy way. We can help teens redirect a brain that has been hijacked by a traumatic experience, and grow to be healthier and more resilient.

We help teens create their own healthy support network through better communication and coping skills, which will lead to improved relationships with family and friends.

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Move Forward With San Diego Trauma Recovery Counseling

Oftentimes, the hardest step to take toward trauma recovery is asking for professional help. Your trauma may be rooted in a situation that you’re ashamed of, despite not having the need to be. Perhaps you’re scared that speaking about the experience will only magnify its effect on you, making you relive the ugly scenario over and over again.

San Diego Trauma Recovery Counseling pexels karolina grabowska 6255626 300x200Fortunately for you, New Horizon Counseling Center is here to ease your journey to recovery. Our trained counselors can conduct San Diego, CA trauma recovery counseling sessions at the pace that you prefer. We won’t force you into any overwhelming therapy method but would rather tailor our sessions to your particular needs.

Our office will be a safe, judgment-free space where you can talk about your traumatic experience and get the necessary support. We will help you in identifying what’s blocking your recovery and guide you in implementing changes in your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to slowly yet effectively overcome your trauma.

And if for any reason, going out and meeting us in person would be difficult for you, you can still talk to us and allow us to help you get better through our virtual counseling service.

Let Us Hear Your Story

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Your past will always be a part of your life. However, it doesn’t have to weigh you down and stop you from having a blissful, successful life today and in the future.

If you, or someone you care about, are struggling with trauma, allow our expert counselors to offer professional help in order to ease the suffering.

We will do our best to help you develop healthier coping mechanisms until, at the right time, you can fully thrive in all aspects of your life without getting held back by intense, traumatic responses.

Call New Horizon Counseling Center at (619) 225-9332 for your Free Consultation with our San Diego Trauma Recovery Counseling expert!