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San Diego Teen Counseling

Teens face a lot of pressures in today’s world. They get external pressure from school, friends, family members and social media. At the same time, they can face internal pressures from their own emotions, anxieties, and stresses as they grow and try to adapt to change.

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At New Horizon Counseling Center we have counselors who are dedicated to helping teens with the unique issues they face, from stress and anxiety to depression and mental health disorders. We truly listen and can offer concrete tools to help teens cope with their emotional reactions and develop their own skills to better communicate and create nurturing, supportive relationships.

Developing these coping and communication skills will serve these teens throughout their lives as they grow into adulthood, allowing them to develop into resilient adults.

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Group Counseling for Teens

Peer Group Counseling In Person or Online

If your teen feeling overwhelmed? Are they struggling with relationships at home or with their peers? Are they dealing with grief or trauma?

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New Horizon Counseling Center offers weekly peer group counseling for teens, where we foster open and honest exchanges about the issues confronting our clients. We offer a session for younger teens, from 12- to 14-years old, and one for older teens, from 15- to 17-years old. These sessions are tailored to the needs of the group members, and can be accessed in person or online.

Our group sessions offer an outlet for teens to express fears, anxieties, doubts and to encourage one another. We also offer skills and tools to help teens learn about themselves, their own emotions and responses, and how to manage them.

Our teen counselors also offer guidance on communication and relationship building, to help teens create strong support systems that will serve them throughout their lives as they grow into adulthood.

Individual Counseling for Teens

In Person or Online Counseling

A group setting may not always be best suited for an individual’s needs. At New Horizon Counseling Center, we also offer individual counseling for teens, either in person or online. Our one-on-one counseling sessions are a safe space to address any fears, stresses, or trauma your teen may be facing. We will fully listen, and have the skills to address your teen’s individual needs.

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During our individual teen counseling sessions, we will work together to help your teen recognize their own emotions and responses and learn skills to manage those responses in healthy ways.

Our teen counselors are adept at teaching communication skills that can help a teen foster healthier relationships, both within their family and with friends. Those healthy relationships provide a solid support structure to help buoy a teen as they navigate the many challenges they face as they mature into adulthood and beyond.

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Trauma Counseling for Teens

The Hijacked Brain

Grief and trauma can impact people at any age, but the developing teen brain may need special help in processing and adapting to them.

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Our San Diego teen counseling specialists are skilled at helping teens grow beyond the trauma. We can teach teens to how to redirect a brain that’s been hijacked by a traumatic event, so it can grow healthy and develop coping mechanisms.

We’ll help your teen recognize and identify their feelings and responses, and teach them ways to relieve their anxieties and move toward a healthier, happier life.

We’re here to listen to your teen and offer them practicable tools and skills to create a healthy life. We offer group and individual counseling, both online and in person.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Maintaining mental health while their brains and bodies are growing and changing dramatically can be a challenge for any teen. They may face pressure from peers, family members, teachers, and their own aspirations. Let us help your teen develop the coping tools that will serve them now, and for the rest of their lives.

New Horizon Counseling Center‘s San Diego, CA teen counselors help teens lay the foundation for their future as healthy and resilient adults. They are dedicated to addressing the unique challenges teens face, and to create a safe, welcoming environment for teens to learn the coping and communication skills they need as they grapple with change.

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