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Our Team

Rochelle Chavis

LCSW 81507

Our Team Rochelle Chavis 230x300 Through my 14 years of working in the social service field, I have extensive experience providing culturally sensitive direct services in residential, home, and community settings to children, youth, adults, and their families. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Diego State University in 2008, my master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California in 2014, and completed my LCSW in 2018.

My experience includes managing and overseeing a team of direct service staff, with varying education levels, while providing supervision and consultation. I exhibit strong leadership skills, sound clinical judgement, and promote a positive work environment.

I have experience collaborating and coordinating with community members consisting of a multidisciplinary team to advocate for individualized client needs. My passion is to advocate and empower the clients and communities I serve.

Trisha Leamon

AMFT 95650

Our Team Trisha Leamon 238x300 Hi, I am Trisha Leamon, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. I have had an interest in human behavior and personalities for as long as I can remember. I enjoy helping my clients source their strengths and achieving effective ways to navigate life’s challenges.

My professional experience has given me the opportunity to work with clients who are facing substance abuse, depression, anxiety, divorce, codependence, and grief.

I especially enjoy working with clients who are navigating difficult transitions such as divorce, relationships, work, adding to their family, retirement, and the many other journeys of life.

My personal experience of my son’s passing in 2008 was a large part of my desire to work in the counseling field. Through my own journey, I recognized how difficult past experiences can often play large roles in how we navigate current relationships.

My goal with therapy is to offer my clients a caring, attuned therapist as we find new ways to solve problems, heal old wounds, and strengthen the way you live your life.

I embrace client focused/strength based theories and love the works of Brene Brown and Internal Family Systems.

Michelle Lu Vidana

LPCC #5686

Our Team Michelle Lu Vidana 275x300 Michelle is a Licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) with over 10 years of experience working in the social services field.

Her humble beginnings growing up in a low-income community as a first generation born Vietnamese American gave her first hand experience of the complex needs of vulnerable populations. Michelle’s upbringing also taught her the power of resilience, setting boundaries, believing in “comebacks,” taking ownership, rewriting narratives, asserting needs and unburdening ourselves of past hurts.

She specializes in life transition, grief and loss, management of serious mental illness, improving communication and assertiveness skills, trauma/transgenerational trauma, substance abuse, anxiety and depression, and acculturative stress/victims of violence, bullying and oppression.

Michelle is skilled in multiple evidence-based therapeutic modalities, which she utilizes to help clients change patterns of unhelpful thoughts, bring clarity and understanding, improve relationships/communication, and properly grieve and process past hurts – all while learning tangible, practical skills that can be applied each day and improve quality of life.

Michelle’s style of therapy is warm, affirming, non-judgmental, creative, and collaborative, yet also challenging at times as she believes in a gentle nudge when necessary to put the skills learned to the test through life application and practice. Michelle will be with you every step of the way and moving at a pace that makes sense and feels safe to you. Her mission is to get individuals stronger, healthier, and more confident to thrive in life.

Rebecca Bogner

Our Team Rebecca 228x300 It is my firm belief that my clients have what they need to reach their highest level of success in all areas of their lives, but at times they may feel lost trying to find their best path. Therapy can create a safe space for them to recalibrate their lives to where they would like to go. I help my clients explore their past, recognize patterns and conditioned beliefs, and learn to harness their strengths. I continuously commit myself to creating a safe, welcoming space for my clients to address past painful events, or traumas, and step back into their power.

I prioritize client-centered, trauma-informed approaches with respect for diverse backgrounds while offering humor, psychoeducation, and practical coping strategies to increase healthy behaviors, self-awareness, and self-compassion. I most often draw upon techniques and theories found in self-regulation, mindfulness, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I also believe that spirituality, if it is desired by the client, can play an invaluable role in healing. I specialize in anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use disorder, and other serious mental health diagnoses. I have extensive experience with a multitude of populations and demographics including differing ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, education, religion/spirituality, gender identity and fluidity, veteran status, and sexual orientation.

It is my goal to support my clients while they transform and transmute their pain into healing and live their most authentic lives.

Morgan Betterton

AMFT #132527

Our Team Morgan 260x300 Hi, I am Morgan, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT). I have always beenfascinated by the complex nature of family dynamics and romantic relationships and I trulybelieve that the quality of our relationships is a key factor in our overall happiness, success and life satisfaction. This is what inspired me to pursue a career in Marriage and Family Therapy.

I am extremely passionate about working with clients to overcome maladaptive patterns in relationships, while also enhancing communication and connection. I deeply resonate with John Gottman’s work and I am certified in level one and level two of The Gottman Method for Couples Therapy. I specialize in teaching couples how to effectively navigate conflict by increasing intimacy, friendship, closeness and understanding. I also use motivational interviewing, family systems, cognitive-behavioral therapy and attachment theory in my clinical work.

My therapeutic style is highly person-centered, as I think there is great healing power in an authentic, non-judgmental and empathetic therapeutic relationship. I endorse a collaborative, personalized, strengths-based approach to therapy that allows clients to find their own answers within the context of a nurturing therapeutic environment. I encourage humor, lightheartedness and warmth to create a welcoming space for exploration and growth. Additionally, my background in clinical hypnotherapy, yoga and health coaching helps me to incorporate holistic modalities that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. My goal is to make therapy accessible and approachable for those who are interested in embarking on this journey.

I look forward to meeting you and working alongside you!

Sabina Hernandez

AMFT 127241

Our Team sabina 174x300 Hello and Welcome! I am Sabina, a bilingual (English/Spanish) Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT), who works with Individuals, families, couples, and children. I know Finding support can often be difficult and intimidating, as we often feel shame, guilt, and fear to reach out to others, but you are here seeking it in the right place.

Life can be extremely hard and overwhelming at times, but also amazing and beautiful. My goal is to provide a space where you feel safe and supported to share your story and be vulnerable. Together, we can work towards a path of healing and well-being for ourselves and our relationships.

I practice from a client-centered approach as I believe you are the expert of your own life, and use an eclectic approach to therapy to meet your individual needs. I will work collaboratively with you to meet you where you are in your journey of healing and finding transformation. I use evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), play therapy, mindfulness, and family systems.

I have experience working with anxiety, depression, self-esteem/identity, life-transitions, grief, trauma, and relationships. I would be honored to be a part of your healing journey and look forward to working with you.

About New Horizon Counseling Center

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At New Horizon Counseling Center, our priority is our client’s mental well-being. We have licensed Therapists and Associates here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. New Horizon Counseling Center truly cares about our patients’ well-being and offers services catered to their needs.

Our therapists have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Patient well-being is our number one priority, and we go above and beyond to help them through their obstacles.

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