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San Diego Marriage Counseling

Everyone knows that marriage is not the easiest thing in the world. Love may always be there, but when life hits a marriage hard, things can get messy and challenging. Feelings can get hurt, hearts can be broken, and responsibilities can get affected.

San Diego Marriage Counseling couples counseling cn 1Marriages can have a lot of different problems: financial complications, insecurities, lack of intimacy, difficulty handling children, different principles in child-rearing, and infidelity. Even the smallest issues with responsibilities around the house can escalate to something very complicated. In situations like this, it’s important to recognize that these problems, being common across all cultures, can be worked on no matter how difficult they may seem to be.

At New Horizon Counseling Center, we believe that counseling and psychotherapy can help people be the best version of themselves, leading to healthier relationships and better lives. No matter how simple or complex your marriage situation may be, we are here to help. Our San Diego marriage counseling services are open for you whether you’re going through a really rough patch during a big financial crisis or you just want to have a better communication system with your spouse. We are here to foster a good understanding and listening environment while we talk about the important matters of you and your spouse’s marriage.

Because marriage is one of the most important relationships a person can have, problems that come with it can become very all-consuming. It can affect the whole family and even one’s friends. At New Horizon Counseling Center, our therapists aim to approach marriage, family, and social issues with a comprehensive program. We know that self-improvement and healthier married life can contribute to the betterment of the other aspects of a person’s life, including their friendships, career, leisure, and general disposition.

We are here for you whatever stage your marriage is currently in, whether you and your spouse need professional aid as you start your married life or you are on the brink of a divorce. We are here to provide the best emotional and mental tools that our industry has to offer.

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Building a Foundation for Success

Premarital Counseling

Both spouses are responsible for building the best form of marriage that they can have. This goal can be very challenging for many people, especially those that did not have good influences on love, romance, and relationships when they were younger. However, the good news is that there are great tools that can help people effectively develop a good working relationship with their partners.

San Diego Marriage Counseling marriage counseling cnIf you are just starting your relationship or if you just got engaged and you want to have the best relationship that you can have, we are here to provide premarital counseling supported by research and practical application. We are here to help you prepare for all the matters that you may encounter during your marriage life. From cohabitation problems to raising kids, we are here to give you the tools that can help you and your spouse approach these issues with good communication skills and compassionate understanding.

We know that the most important thing to you right now is to have the best married life possible equipped with all the emotional and mental tools for a healthy lifelong relationship. And we are here to completely support you on that.

Support for Struggling Relationships

Individual Counseling for Couples

Partnership problems are not limited to married couples. Even those who are still dating or are still engaged can ask for help in creating as healthy a relationship as possible. People are unique, with their own sets of needs and aspirations. These things can sometimes be a source of conflict that may take a good and constructive approach for a healthier relationship. Otherwise, negative situations may happen, such as hurt feelings, damaged relationships, and decreased intimacy between couples.

San Diego Marriage Counseling Family Counseling cnEvery relationship takes a good amount of work for it to be successful. It is not the end of the line when you start to feel unhappy or dissatisfied. As long as the two people in a relationship are willing to work on their issues and are open to healthier ways of approaching conflict, our couples counseling at New Horizon Counseling Center can benefit your partnership.

Whatever type of situation that you think affects your relationship, we can help solve it with you. If you are going through a tough mental illness that causes problems with your partner or if your engagement or relationship is new and you just want to make sure that it is as healthy as it can be, you are welcome in our counseling center.

We will target the main points of improvement in your partnership, whether it’s about communication, boundary setting, conflict management, emotion management, or even deep-seated childhood issues. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the goals that you want for your relationship through quality counseling from highly trained and experienced counselors.

Reconnecting & Rebuilding

Divorce Counseling

An unfortunate truth is that many marriages don’t work as well as how much people love each other. When a divorce becomes an option for the couple, it becomes incredibly challenging to find a way back to happiness and a healthy relationship. It can be much easier to just end the marriage instead of finding more ways to fix it.

San Diego Marriage Counseling grief counseling cnAt New Horizon Counseling Center, what we want for you is to have a healthy disposition and, if possible, a working relationship with your spouse whether or not you are sure about going through with the divorce. We are here to give you all the best tools and resources that counseling can offer so you can still solve the problems of your marriage.

On the other hand, if you believe staying together is not the best choice you can make at the moment, then we are here to help in maintaining at least a civil and still healthy relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. There are also options like going to counseling as an individual, maybe because the other party is unwilling to participate or there is domestic violence involved. Whatever issues that you have surrounding your marriage and an impending divorce, we are here to help you out with professional San Diego marriage counseling.

Divorce is rarely a goal for most loving married couples. We know that if you go to a counseling center like us for help, you still have a bit of hope that your relationship can still be fixed. Let us help you go to a better place as an individual or as a couple.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

San Diego Marriage Counseling logo 5 300x203Love is not always enough, especially in tough marriages. But we believe that every marriage deserves to be equipped with the best tools possible for them to achieve the best potential of their relationship. This applies whether a couple is just starting their married life or they are already about to end their marriage.

With New Horizon Counseling Center’s San Diego marriage counseling program, we believe we can help you achieve the goals you have for your marriage and as an individual. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

Call New Horizon Counseling Center today at (619) 225-9332 for your Free Consultation with a San Diego Marriage Counseling expert!